“Whoever carries out an activity (even artistic) for the production (or even repair) of goods, through their own manual work and that of a limited number of workers, without mass production, generally carried out in a workshop”: these are the words with which the Treccani encyclopaedia describes the word "craftsman". We don't need to add much more to describe our handmade shoes, all rigorously handmade in Italy, but if you want to know more about the various types of workmanship.

Footwear processing

  • Blake-Rapid (for classic footwear)
    Blake manufacturing is a stitching technique that holds the sole, lining, upper and insole together. The stitching is performed using a special sewing machine called Blake (hence the name.) The shoes worked with this technique are not only easily recognizable by the stitching that crosses the insole (clearly visible inside the shoe) but they are also extremely robust and long-lasting, while ensuring a very comfortable and comfortable fit in all seasons.
  • Stitched box processing (for sneakers)

Stitched box processing it is the one that is used for the creation of quality sneakers. The rubber sole, after being glued and pressed to the upper, is sewn with a special machine on the outer edge: this operation guarantees a long life to the shoe that does not deform, does not get wet and ensures ideal comfort for those who love to wear this kind of shoe without derogating from style.


What exactly do we mean when we talk about quality? A difficult concept to express in a few lines but which, in our case, can be expressed by emphasizing the choices with which the various steps necessary to create a shoe are made. It starts with the creation of a model, entrusted to creative and skilled designers who study every detail that ensures ideal comfort for the foot. We then move on to the selection of fine leathers (chosen from those treated with the most natural materials possible) and the best soles (leather and Vibram). We then proceed with the cutting, the assembly, the stitching, up to the finished shoe which, before leaving the laboratory, is subjected to a careful control intended, precisely, to verify its quality.


    The distinctive feature: the iconic Rosso Carminio sole and lining, the trademark of our men's shoes since 1910. We told you about the original motif of the red sole on the page dedicated to the history of the brand. Now we want to dwell on the symbolic meaning that this color carries: red is the color of love, strength, passion but also of the elegance of luxury cars and evening dresses by the most famous Italian stylists. The Red Carmine sole (often accompanied by the inside of the shoe of the same shade) is therefore transformed into a discreet but unmistakable means to stand out, to walk differently from others, to feel well planted on your feet, self-confident, energetic and strong . And it is precisely behind this detail, apparently simple but rich in meaning, that since 1910 lies the secret of the worldwide success of Alexander 's handcrafted shoes .