The recognition of Historic Brand

To date, the Alexander1910 brand has been included in the register of historic Italian brands of national importance. Alexander1910 is one of the few footwear brands to have been awarded this brand by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy. This recognition is an important milestone in the history of the brand as it is a symbol of the value and historical importance that Alexander has in the Italian artisan scene.

The revolution of the string

In 1910, an English shoemaker named Frank Alexander perfected a great little invention: the laces for men's shoes. Until then, the shoes were in fact closed by the typical lateral button fastening, in vogue for centuries but no longer in step with the times. The elegant man of the time in fact needed something more practical, less subject to wear and tear and more secure in the fit: the Alexander 1910 lace-up shoe met all these requirements and was immediately a great success.

The first, and original, Rosso Carminio soles

Alexander 1910 also developed a special Carmine Red protective varnish which, applied to the soles, not only made the handmade shoes more resistant, but also gave them a touch of class and originality which did not fail to meet the taste of gentlemen and of the "influencers" of the time. Among these, also Rudolph Valentino, the famous actor, who bought several pairs and who contributed to making the brand famous.

The Italian turning point

In the Thirties, Alexander 1910 men's shoes began to be exported to a large part of Europe, including Italy, where they met with great success. At that time, however, according to the principles of the economic policy of the time, it was forbidden to market brands that were not Italian (or Italianised): a Tuscan shoemaker then thought of buying the brand directly and starting to produce handmade shoes with the Red sole Carmine directly in Italy. It was 1936: since then Alexander has been a made in Italy brand to all intents and purposes and, today, it is still a guarantee of quality and style, always easily recognizable by the touch of Rosso Carminio that characterizes each of its models.