OFF-ROAD Combat Boots

All the style of Alexander 1910 in making the soft, elegant and comfortable Off-road. A Combat Boots of military conception now revised in a modern key. For this unrivalled shoe, Alexander 1910 has combined solid and decisive characteristics with the softness and pleasantness of the fit.

🇮🇹 "Handmade in Italy" 🇮🇹

Vibram All-Terrain midsole

The decisive features of this shoe, such as the Vibram all-terrain midsole, the height of the ankle boot and the conspicuous lace-up lacing, are contrasted with a very soft black leather upper with lighter lines than those of the more military versions.

Carmine Red inner lining

The fine Carmine Red calfskin lining completes the style, and the side zip makes wearing this amphibian comfortable and quick.

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